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Hi, my name is Emily and God and my family are everything to me. I made this blog to have a place to post all of the random edits I make. I don't think they're great, but they're not terrible in my opinion and I just want to have a place to post them.

"Back to the Cullens. They try very hard to not lose their sensitivity to the value of human life. Carlisle is the best at it. Perhaps surprisingly, Rosalie is next best.
Why do they try? The answer is different for all of them. Carlisle has faith. He thinks he can keep his soul if he lives the best he can. Esme has love. Her heart is so open, that she loves humans easily. Alice is a fatalist. She knows her own future, and she follows it. Carlisle is Edward’s hero, and Edward wants to be like him. Also, Edward is a family man at heart, and he knows that vampires who drink human blood do not have families as a general rule. Emmett’s reason is similar to Edward, though he takes nothing as seriously, and Rosalie is the one he worships. (Rosalie and Jasper have their reasons as well. You don’t know them yet.) “ - Stephenie Meyer